Ensure Your Flexible Endoscopes Remain Bacteria Free During Storage

The MEDIVATORS ENDODRY Cabinet continuously forces HEPA filtered air through all endoscope channels, ensuring a completely dry endoscope and reducing the risk of bacterial growth.


  • Permanent ventilation of channels eliminates residual moisture within the cabinet that can lead to bacteria growth.
  • Circulation of dry HEPA filtered compressed air through each channel and around the outer sheath ensures all channels are completely dried prior to use.
  • Short drying cycle improves scope turn-around time.


Protect Flexible Endoscopes From Damage

This MEDIVATORS Cabinet works with a rigid cassette system to eliminate free swinging of the distal tip and to protect the endoscope during transport and storage.


Improve Risk Management by Increased Data Management During Storage

Integrated sensors and continuous data input provides detailed information about the drying status of all endoscopes.


Customizable to Fit Your Facility’s Needs

The space-conscious design is available in various configurations and styles to meet the requirements of any facility.


Download our brochure for more information and features of the MEDIVATORS ENDODRY Cabinet.

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