MEDIVATORS™ DEFENDO™ Sterile Single Use Valves

Defendo bacteriaMEDIVATORS DEFENDO Sterile Single Use Valves help prevent potential patient safety risks and eliminate the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing. Packaged sterile, DEFENDO Sterile Single Use Valves easily incorporate into your infection prevention policy as a single-patient use item.


Endoscope valves are vital, sophisticated devices that require regular meticulous cleaning procedures. There are over 30 steps to proper manual cleaning and reprocessing of biopsy, air/water and suction valves, which can make the cleaning process difficult, if not impossible.


Healthcare-related infections from endoscopy continue to occur for two reasons:


  1. Failure to adhere to current disinfection guidelinesDefendo
  2. Because of the complex design of endoscopes, which includes “springs and valves” as part of the endoscope that complicate adequate disinfection.¹

DEFENDO Sterile Single Use Air/Water, Suction and Biopsy Valves:

  • Eliminate manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable valves
  • Help create consistent practices
  • Reduce the potential for errors
  • Available for OLYMPUS® Endoscopes and PENTAX® 90 Series GI Endoscopes.


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1. Kelly M. Pyrek, "Nooks and Crannies: The Breeding Grounds for Bacteria," Infection Control Today, (Junes 2002)

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