MEDIVATORS® RAPIDAER® Automated Endoscope Reprocessor

  • Extremely fast 17 minute cycle

  • Single bay for maximum flexibility

  • Advanced pass through design


The MEDIVATORS RAPIDAER Reprocessor offers a totally flexible solution to suit all sizes of endoscopy department and uses the latest modular construction methods to produce the fastest and smallest passthrough washer disinfector in the world.


With a cycle time from 17 minutes, a unique modular design increasing uptime to 95% and a small footprint the MEDIVATORS RAPIDAER Reprocessor is the fastest way to increase productivity.

Through the single bay design, proven standard components and 95% of the components to be accessed from the loading side the MEDIVATORS RAPIDAER Reprocessor is the simplest way to ensure reliability.

Security is guaranteed through intelligent solutions such as complete traceability through the latest RFID technology, automated thermal self disinfection and full compliance with EN-15883.


For additional information download the MEDIVATORS RAPIDAER Reprocessor brochure.


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