MEDIVATORS™ SURESTORE® Endoscope Storage & Transportation

MEDIVATORS SURESTORE FRONTBritish engineered and manufactured by our experienced engineers and technical staff, MEDIVATORS SURESTORE Endoscope Storage and Transportation offers cutting edge long-term ‘active’ aseptic storage and transportation of endoscopes (including GI and theatre based scopes).
Conditioned directly from an endoscope washer disinfector, and completely negating the need for time consuming air drying, SURESTORE Endoscope Storage and Transportation solution validates each scope for storage up to 100 days.


The unique design and technology from SURESTORE Endoscope Storage and Transportation provides a ‘patient ready’ packaged endoscope in just 5 minutes.


  • 100 day storage validation

  • Independent monitoring system

  • Fully traceable cycle data

  • Flexible transportation

Download our brochure for more information and features of the MEDIVATORS SURESTORE Endoscope Storage & Transportation System

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